Winter 20201

Nutrition Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions


As we get going, here is something to remember. Whatever your goal is, consistency is better than perfection. If you are consistent about meeting your calorie count, that’s better than only hitting it randomly while trying to hit the macros perfectly. Consistently getting enough sleep will cause you to recover better. Consistently working to drink enough water will keep you hydrated and improve your brain function. Challenges give you the kick in the pants to get to work, but start with one thing this week where you can win by being consistent. Being consistent will pay big dividends in the long run.


Don’t expect to be perfect with the foods you choose, sleep, or whatever you’re focusing on. We won’t reach perfection but we can work to be consistently better!


Get 1% better each day and you’ll end up 37 times better in a year.


WHOA. That's too much water.

After a week or so, your body should acclimate to the new levels of water you are drinking and you won’t be making a trip to the restroom every 30 minutes.

Pro Tip: Get all of you water by about 8pm so it doesn’t wake you up at night.

What counts as water?

Black coffee and unsweetened tea can count towards your water intake. If you add minimal amounts of sweetener, track that as a carb or portion of a carb.

Lattes, cappuccinos, etc. don’t count.

Alcohol should be counted as a carb. Just make sure you don’t drink all your carbs!

Any tips on tracking hand portions?

Tracking via hand portions will be an adjustment. The attached document can be printed on a 3×5 note card if you want something small to keep with you. I’m happy to print some for you if you’re interested in trying it out.

You can use tally marks for each category or if you want to see how you eat throughout the day, write down the number of the meal. So if breakfast is meal one, write the number 1 multiple times in each category. So if I eat 2 hand portions of protein for breakfast, I would write 1 1 in the space for protein. At lunch, I may write 2 2 2 if I ate three portions. By the end of the day my protein area may look like 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 and I have a total 7 portions of protein total.


Can I watch the kick-off?

The kick-off was recorded and available at